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Hit and Run Penalties

A hit and run can include leaving the scene of any car accident where a person, another car or property is damaged without contacting the police or notifying the other driver. Consequences for a hit and run vary by state but can include high fines and prison time.

A first time offender, who is involved in a minor hit and run where there is little property damage and no personal injury, is generally assessed fines by the state and may be required to compensate the other driver for damages to their car or other property.

A hit and run offender, who injures another person and flees the scene, will have to pay higher fines, may have their license revoked and (depending on the severity of the injury or if death occurs) may be sentenced to prison. Higher fines may be assessed if the driver is cited for speeding or if the accident occurs in a construction zone.

Drivers who cause a hit and run death may be charged with a felony. State laws vary. In some states leaving the scene of a car accident which involves serious injury or death can be considered a third-degree felony and the suspect may be sentenced to 2 to 10 years in prison. Even in some states a non-serious injuries may result in a felony charge and the suspect may spend from 1 to 5 years in jail and have to pay a high fine.

Drivers who hit or injure another driver or pedestrian are required by law to stop and render aid to the victim. They must remain at the scene of the crime until law enforcement arrives. Failure to do so is considered illegal and even first time offenders who are involved in the least serious accidents may be required to serve probation and perform community service.

Hiring a Hit and Run Lawyer

Whether you are the victim or the perpetrator of the hit and run, you will need help from a car accident lawyer. Defense attorneys may be able to help the suspect plead their charges down to a lower charge. Prosecuting car accident lawyers can help victims fight for satisfactory compensation for their medical costs, lost wages and long-term medical care.

Hit and run is a criminal offense and car accident lawyers can help. Physical evidence, witness statements and medical documentation will need to be collected. Do not let a hit and run accident ruin your life. Get the help you need from a hit and run lawyer.