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Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and Run Car Wrecks

If you have been involved in a car accident, it can be terrifying, especially if you suffer serious car accident injuries. It may be even more traumatic if the other driver fails to stop and flees the scene of the car or pedestrian accident. This is called a hit and run and it is a serious crime.

A hit and run can occur when a car hits another car, a motorcycle, a truck or a pedestrian and does not stop. Common hit and run victims include joggers, cyclists, children, construction workers, and crossing guards.

In most states it is illegal to leave the scene of a car accident, even a minor accident, without exchanging information with the other driver. The offense can be compounded if the driver flees from an accident where the victim has suffered severe injuries.

Hit and run drivers should be held accountable for their illegal actions. Hit and run accidents cause a variety of common accident injuries including: severe head trauma, broken bones, back injuries, brain damage, spinal cord damage, loss of limbs and permanent disabilities such as paralysis.

Hit and run accidents may also cause wrongful deaths which leave the families of the victims devastated, not only emotionally but often financially. Hit and run drivers who flee the scene of an accident where the victim has died may be charged with either vehicular homicide or vehicular manslaughter.

What is a hit and run?

Most people know that hitting another moving car or a pedestrian and speeding off from the scene of the accident is a hit and run. Did you know that in most states it is illegal to also damage another person's parked car or property and drive away without providing the necessary documentation?

In California, for instance, it is illegal for the driver of any vehicle, which is involved in an accident, to drive away without stopping and providing the owner of the property or car with the necessary documentation. This action is considered a hit and run and may carry criminal charges, even if the accident was not your fault.

If your car hits another car or someone else's property you must do the following:

  • Put a note on the damaged property or car with your telephone number, name and a description of what caused the accident.
  • Contact the police and file a police report.

Hiring a hit and run car accident lawyer

Hit and run attorneys can help make sure that the person who has caused your personal injuries is held responsible for their actions. Hit and run lawyers understand the components of the accident and will ask the right questions and review important evidence to prove your personal injury claim.

Compensation for a hit and run may be similar to other car accident injury claims. Drivers may, under certain conditions, be allowed to file a personal injury claim in addition to compensation they receive from the other driver's car insurance company. Compensation can include paid medical costs, including payment for certain types of future medical expenses, lost wage compensation and under certain conditions, pain and suffering compensation.