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Definition of Venue

Plaintiffs who are filing a lawsuit must find the appropriate venue or jurisdiction for their case. Venue requirements may vary by state, and the jurisdiction or venue may be determined by the states involved in your suit and all other applicable case facts. The venue or jurisdiction may depend on whether the case involves federal or state law or the amount of money involved in the suit. It is important to find the right venue or jurisdiction because certain courts will have the authority to decide certain types of lawsuits or controversies.

Venue may also be affected by the court which is geographically closest to the parties who are involved in the lawsuit. Venue may be determined by the defendant's residence or the plaintiff's residence. Venue rules can be determined by state or county laws or with mandatory venues the statute will determine where the lawsuit can be filed. Contact an attorney if you are unsure where to file your lawsuit. Failure to file in the right court can cost extra added expense, a motion to challenge or dismiss the case, or an expiration of the statute of limitations.

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