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Definition of Sentencing

If a defendant has been convicted of a criminal offense they will be sentenced for their crime. Suspects in a car accident may be charged with a variety of crimes which may carry various penalties. Convictions for DUI, for example, can carry severe penalties such as: paying a fine, spending time in jail, serving probation, performing community service, attending a drug or alcohol treatment class, revocation of a driver's license or installing an ignition interlock device on the driver's car. Sentencing may be done weeks or months after the driver is convicted of the crime. Judges review state laws and vehicle statutes to determine the type of sentence a driver will receive. The penalties and fines for certain crimes will vary by state and by the details of the car accident. Penalties may be more severe for drivers who have had multiple arrests, who have a high blood alcohol concentration or who have cause death or substantial bodily harm to other drivers or passengers. Drivers may be allowed to make a statement before they are sentenced. If you have been charged with a car accident crime, talk to a car accident lawyer.

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